Care 360 ®

Holistic biomonitoring of patients with coaching methodology

A remote patient monitoring program that combines technology with a methodology focused on the best coaching practices. Includes:

Integrated peripherals

with bluetooth and latest generation tablet for daily monitoring of symptoms and biometrics

Evidence-based protocols

for the management of 21 conditions, combining physical and mental health, with prevention of hospital readmissions

Video consultations
with the capacity to include up to 5 key people at the same time

ACG Predictive Modeling
for the enrollment of ideal candidates to the program

Interdisciplinary care team
of RNs, RDs, MDs, social workers, psychologists, and care coordinators, using a patient-centered approach

Quad Lens Focus
improve the health of the population, reducing costs, improve the patient experience and improve provider satisfaction

SDOH assessment and management

that influence individual and collective differences in health status

Bilingual capabilities
Spanish and English

Assisted conditions







We use the most advanced equipment developed by Medtronic to perform biomonitoring.

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