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Each organization is different and has different needs. At TeleMedik we bring together advanced technology and human specialized assistance to offer the solution which best meets the needs of each business.

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Services Provided in the Contact Center

We provide a unique experience with personalized attention

We listen to our customers’ voice and needs to provide an optimal experience to the user. We plan each service to be tailor-made to each type of business, from customer service, clinical orientation assistance, including emergency management.

Health Contact Center 24/7
Bilingual customer service
Emergency management
Pharmacy services program
Risk profile evaluation and prevention planning
Nurse Advice Line
Multidisciplinary clinical management
Biomonitoring of chronic conditions and wellness programs
Satisfaction surveys
Quality and compliance guarantee

Omnichannel Technology

Our contact center services go further… Besides incoming and outbound calls we manage all the communication channels in a unified and coordinated way, guaranteeing the response, by phone and/or through other media:

TeleHealth Solutions

Care 360 ®

Holistic biomonitoring of patients with integrated coaching methodology for successful risk management

We provide the most complete biomonitoring integrated solution for patient care. Care 360 is a wholistic program that brings together friendly user technology with specialized assistance for daily follow-up of remote patients. It is based on a predictive model that makes use of algorithms and global patient evaluation, offering each user a completely personalized service program. From routine reminders and warnings in cases of changes in key parameters for each condition, including clinical coaching, virtual consultations with specialists, home visits, and immediate assistance in emergency situations with the exact geolocation. Care 360 is the all in one experience for the safety, health and wellness of our patients.

Healthy Encounter

Video platform for medical and non-medical consultations

Healthy Encounter is a virtual consultation platform designed for all types of health professionals, from doctors to nutritionists to social workers. It connects health providers with their patients in a simple and easy way, through a link sent by email or SMS, all in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our clients can personalize the platform according to their preference/specifications, starting with the consultation fee and their corporate image. In addition, it can be managed by an individual health professional as well as by a group of providers within an organization, entity, etc.


Accredited since 2001

Triage MD

Nursing and medical assistance line

Triage MD is a 7 x 24-hour service line for patient evaluation and diagnosis. Our nursing staff performs a symptom assessment (triage) and communicates the patient to the physician. It includes health education programs, lab results, and medical prescription services, if needed. It allows redirection to the various health programs offered in our Contact Center: mental health specialists, nutrition, breastfeeding, and smoking cessation, among others.

All our physicians and nurses are licensed and chartered in Puerto Rico.

Virtual Consultations

Telemedicine for health centers, schools, universities, and other organizations

Telemedicine is currently one of the biggest trends in healthcare. We evaluate each client individually and propose the solution that best suits the needs of your business. We have telemedicine devices equipped with the latest technologies for the highest precision in patient care. We accompany you throughout the process to ensure a successful integration of equipment, including training of your clinical personnel. Or if you wish, we install the equipment in your center and our medical team will assist both the patient and the provider during the virtual encounter.

24/7 Emergency Service

Ready to integrate into your business mobile application!

We already have the Dr. Security emergency software in SKD form! This means that by simply adding a few code lines, you can provide our robust SOS alert system together with the emergency assistance service for your members. Bring added value to your clients offering them a security and protection service 24 x 7.



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