Holistic biomonitoring of patients

Our remote patient monitoring program provides remote health monitoring, using technological devices that send information in real time to our health professionals. This makes it possible to detect health problems and adjust treatment efficiently and proactively.

Comprehensive care: Biomonitoring and Coaching adapted to patients

Integrated peripherals

according to the need, biomonitoring devices are incorporated, such as: smart watch, oximeter, sphygmomanometer, among others

Evidence-based protocols

for the management of multiple conditions, combining physical and mental health, with prevention of hospital readmissions

Video consultations
with the capacity to include up to 5 key people at the same time

Predictive analytics
for the selection and enrollment of ideal candidates for the program

Interdisciplinary care team
from nurses, doctors, nutritionists, social workers, and health navigators; using a patient-centered approach

Evaluation and management of social determinants
that influence individual and collective differences in health status

SDOH assessment and management
that influence individual and collective differences in health status

Bilingual capabilities
Spanish and English

Assisted conditions

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Heart failure


We use the most advanced equipment developed to carry out biomonitoring.

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