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+27 years

providing livelihood and development alternatives to our team


of our organizational structure is made up of women


of our leadership figures are women


of our collaborators who were assigned special tasks during the past three years, a new appointment was obtained

Our values guide us

Recognized in the TeleHero program

TeleHero is our recognition program that pays tribute to TeleMedik’s super employees, which by its acronym is defined as Tele in reference to telemedicine and HERO as a person who performs a selfless action to benefit a noble cause. Below, we present our 2023 TeleHeroes:

Johny Rosado

Security coordinator
Category: Social Commitment

Nelson Alamo

Quality supervisor
Category: Integrity

Jomayra De Jesús Ortega

Associate Nurse
Category: Passion for Excellence

Icheamy Z. Lugo Rodríguez

Peer Coach Multi
Category: Flexibility

Lic. Celimar Collado Hernández

Clinical Management Initiatives Manager
Category: Passion for Excellence




Encourage cooperation and the pursuit of common goals. We involve others in decision making and in effectively resolving conflicts constructively. We integrate the various points of view to achieve synchrony (perfect combination) of all parts.




We identify new and original solutions to carry out our tasks, encouraging others to also present innovative approaches and perspectives to continually improve our processes and services.


Passion for excellence


We demonstrate an excessive interest in doing our job right the first time. We consistently self-educate and introspect on what we do and how we can improve.




We have developed good relationships with our internal/external clients to support them in both positive and difficult times. We care about how our decisions can lead to improving our relationship with the client, ensuring we meet and exceed their expectations.




We are consistent between what we say and do with the principles and standards of the organization. We demonstrate honesty and transparency in our daily actions.




Quick adaptation to changes or situations presented. We demonstrate availability in the face of change. We motivate change to improve. We have Encouraged others to adapt to change or new scenarios.


Diversity, equity and inclusion


We respect diversity, we promote equity and inclusion in all our decisions so that talents, capabilities and professional abilities are used from a multicultural, heterogeneous and diverse vision beyond differences and diversities.


Social commitment


We encourage unity and solidarity to contribute to a better environment for all . We acknowledge our social responsibility towards our country, which is why we engage in activities that promote the genral welfare above the individual.

Integral wellness

We demonstrate empathy for the needs of the people around us and offer solutions to improve them.

Benefits of belonging to the team

Internal career development opportunities

Medical and dental plan

Maternity and paternity leaves

Christmas Bonus

Payment for personal day and birthday (day of birth)

Fraternization activities

Employee Discounts

TeleMedik Virtual Health- Online medical assistance 24/7

Dr. Security- Emergency application with 24/7 assistance service

Prenatal Program - Pregnancy Assistance

"En Cuerpo Sano"- Diabetes Prevention Program

Smoking Cessation Program

Complementary insurance for hospitalizations and accidents, among others

Participation in retirement and investment plan

Professional growth as our north

We offer workshops, courses and growth opportunities for the development of our talents

Managers Academy

Project in which we trained and graduated 16 professionals from diverse disciplines, in Puerto Rico and Spain, in order to build their skills in leadership, problem solving and team integration.

Workshops and Conferences

All our departments constantly receive training both for the correct implementation of their functions and for innovation in them. We also carry out regulatory courses that allow us to stay up to date in the fields of health and personal safety.

Development opportunities

Annually we manage special assignments which consist of providing spaces for the inclusion of team members in other departments, promoting the acquisition of new skills and supporting them in the development of creative solutions.

We work and we also have fun

For our organization, the development of mental health is important, which is why we carry out monthly fraternization activities.

Featured events

Service Week

Annually we celebrate Customer Service Week by joining the international celebration during the month of October. This year under the motto “Team Service” we shared with: games, raffles, coffee, snacks, photobooth and training on comprehensive well-being.

Health Professions Week

Every year during the month of May we set aside a week to recognize the work and results of all our professionals in the health field. We include activities such as special training, massages, meditation spaces and live and virtual physical activity sessions, among others.

Compliance Week

In our constant commitment to grow and develop, we are pleased to inform that we have various employment opportunities available in our organization. For more details on current employment opportunities and to apply, visit our careers platform.

Other activities

Throughout the year, our Activities Committee continues coordinating initiatives to commemorate special occasions such as Friendship Day, the End of Summer, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

We are recluting!

All job opportunities are on our job opportunities platform!

In our constant commitment to growth and development, we are pleased to inform you that we have various employment opportunities available in our organization. For more details on current employment opportunities and to apply, visit our careers platform.