Emergency System with 24/7 assistance speciallized in 


Dr. Security is the emergency system with a 24/7 assistance service, designed to provide an immediate response at any time, every day of the year.

Adapts to different day-to-day situations
Dr. Security provides response to all types of civil, criminal and health emergencies. Consider the different circumstances of the person such as age, gender, health or environment.
Attention to loneliness and isolation in elderly people
Specialized protocols for assistance to victims of gender violence
Assistance with urgent and emergency health problems
Home security for the whole family
Offers personal security discreetly
Confidence in indoor and outdoor sports practice
Protection for lone workers and other practices in occupational risk prevention
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Attention for

social isolation

1/3 of adults over the age of 45 feel lonely

Nearly 25% of people over the age of 65 consider themselves socially isolated

Social isolation increases the risk of premature death as obesity, smoking and physical inactivity

Social isolation increases the risk of hospitalization by 68% and visits to the emergency room by 57%

The ultimate solution

for emergency management

Dr. Security combines technology with human experience to offer a highly precise and efficient service, offering an immediate response at such a critical moment as an emergency.

Mobile app

Allows you to send a geolocated emergency alert from the comfort of your cell phone. Available on iOS and Android, and in the form of an SDK (Software Development Kit) for integration into your business app.

Emergency management platform

Receives the SOS request triggered from the mobile application. It opens a direct communication channel with the user through telephone calls and remote assistance.

Helpdesk 24/7

We have a multidisciplinary team that responds to the emergency, with the potential to refer the user to our health professionals or to 9-1-1.

This is how the Dr. Security service works

It allows the user to request help from the comfort of their smartphone. It includes a virtual SOS button that is activated after holding it down for 3 seconds and is received by the emergency management platform.

Geolocation of the emergency

Issues the user's location at the time the SOS alert is triggered and allows tracking during emergency management.

Personal and health data

It makes it easy to identify the user, find out their health situation and act accordingly, for example, in the case of chronic diseases, allergies or taking any medication.

Audio and video recording

Real-time transmission of 10 seconds of audio and 10 seconds of video that show what has happened and what state the person is in.

Dr. Security service works It has complementary alert methods

It includes other methods for activating the SOS that, after configuration, makes it possible to notify an emergency situation without the need to interact with the cell phone. They can be activated or deactivated according to the user’s need.

Fall detector

Sends an emergency alert when detecting an impact or fall of medium-high intensity in which the device is involved.

Headphone disconnect

Activate the emergency alert when detecting that the cell phone headphones are disconnected.

*Works with headphones with Jack connection (not wireless).

Heart rate

Activates the emergency alert if the heart rate is higher or lower than the maximum and minimum range configured.

*Requires synchronization of a cardiac strap.

Countdown alarm

It is configured through a clock. At the end of the programmed time, it sends the SOS alert.

Bluetooth button (iBeacon)

Wireless button that connects to the app via bluetooth and activates the distress call just by pressing it. It works up to 49 feet away from the device.

*Acquired separately from the mobile software.

The countdown alarm, headphone disconnect and heart rate methods are not included in the SDK although they can be included upon request.

Emergency management platform

Its precision allows us to act up to 5 times faster than a traditional 9-1-1 call

Verify the emergency in a matter of seconds thanks to the automated alert reception, analysis and classification process. It has an easy and intuitive operating table for rapid emergency management:

User information (personal data, health…)

Communication by phone call and chat.

Fields of emergency classification and information collection.

GPS monitoring of the user's position and directory with assistance points by proximity to the emergency.

Remote management commands for taking pictures and recordings, sound and light alarm actuation...

Generate a complete and easily transmitted report.

Our emergency response service is available 24/7​

We have the potential to refer the emergency to our health professionals

We connect technology with the most professional human experience through certified training with international ISO 22320 standards for emergency management and resolution.

We provide direct and immediate assistance through our specialized service lines and a multidisciplinary team made up of more than 500 professionals: social workers, doctors, nurses and qualified operators.

We manage the emergency through our service lines

We provide emergency response with medical attention and immediate social assistance

Available to integrate into your business application

With quick and easy implementation through an SDK (Software Development Kit)

Our SDK (Software Development Kit) is available to implement on iOS and Android operating systems. It includes the functionalities of the Dr. Security application enabled for integration into an existing mobile application in a simple and guided way.

SDK Dr. Security

Select the components of the emergency service that best suit your business and the needs of your customers.

Your app

It is not necessary to integrate software services, share code access, or deliver your customer database.

Guided implementation

Step-by-step SDK (Software Development Kit) integration technical implementation guide

Sample app

We give you an application where you can view the different elements included in the SDK (Software Development Kit), as well as test how they work.

Transparent access

Our registration and login process is complemented by the existing one in your app. Your users will not notice the change.

Technical support

We offer additional 24/7 support for the implementation of the SDK (Software Development Kit), testing and maintenance of the emergency service.

Would you like to be a distributor of Dr. Security?

Dr. Security is ready to be distributed, without the need for integration or additional technical development. We offer the possibility of business as third parity. We make the Dealers portal available to our network of distributors for customer management and user subscription.

We serve all the needs of your organization

Integrating various services to provide holistic care