Patient Monitoring Program

Management of Chronic Conditions

Biomonitoring is a service that uses technological tools that help monitor the health conditions of patients. The tool has alarms to monitor the biometric values of all the conditions that the individual has, among the conditions that we can monitor are;



Congestive heart failure

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Always alert

If there is any factor that puts health at risk, calls or video conferences are generated, to carry out:

Excellence care

Attention your beneficiaries need

Our multidisciplinary team (nurses, doctors, nutritionists, social workers) has real-time access to patient results, according to the desired frequency, offering an optimal level of care:

Blood sugar level

Blood pressure


Oxygenation level

Complex cases or severe risks

For patients with severe health conditions of high complexity, we have a precise system for the notification and follow-up of alterations in the biometric values of conditions of the individual.

Use of equipment and peripherals adapted to the patient’s condition

Software for automatic and manual data collection

Education and guidance plan according to risk level

Calls or video-conferences for access to clinical evaluation

Health care technology

We use the most advanced equipment

High and moderate risk patients

For those individuals who present common conditions of a high and/or moderate level, in conditions with diabetes or asthma, we have peripherals connected to a mobile application for data collection and analysis of vital signs as well as other patient health data.

Smart Vital Watch

A smartwatch connected to a mobile app that stores data just by wearing the watch. In case of alterations in the flow established for the patient, the platform will send a notification and our health care team will evaluate the results and apply the most appropriate measures.

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