Ethics and Compliance

Compliance mailbox

We understand that situations may arise in which employees feel more comfortable reporting their suspicions confidentially or in complete anonymity. For this reason we offer this method to report your suspicions and in turn ensure that the information received will be used to improve the quality of our workplace.

Governance structure

Its main objective is to promote and support the highest levels of compliance and ethics throughout our organization. In this way, we achieve corporate objectives related to a culture of compliance and the trust of our clients. We are committed to identifying and resolving situations or suspicions of non-compliance, including fraud, waste and abuse. In addition, our clients encourage the use of additional mechanisms (Hot Lines) designed to promote information in a secure and anonymous way, of the client not wanting to reveal her identity. Retaliation for reporting suspicions or non-compliance is prohibited and may carry disciplinary action. TeleMedik and TeleMedik Innova Health Solutions promote a Corporate Code of Ethics and Conduct that provides a set of principles, values and standards for our internal and external clients.

Compliance program

Our Compliance Program defines and describes our corporate commitment to different elements aimed at these ends. The Program is designed to prevent, detect and solve instances of non-compliance and, in turn, comply with the requirements of regulatory agencies, including compliance with federal laws and regulations, as well as those established by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

The Compliance Program includes 7 elements:

  1. Compliance Officer and Committee.
  2. Politics and procedures.
  3. Education and training.
  4. Regulatory reports.
  5. Audit and monitoring.
  6. Effective lines of communication.
  7. Sanctions and disciplinary measures.

Corporate code of conduct and ethics establishes:

  • Corporate ethical principles.
  • Corporate opportunities.
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Confidentiality and privacy.
  • Fair transaction free of suspicion.
  • Protection and proper use of company assets.
  • Effective lines of communication to report any conduct that violates the law and ethics.